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I Hate Seinfeld!

I hate Jerry Seinfeld. I hate Kramer, I hate George and I hate Elaine. I hate the whole damn show!

"Oh no, It's true! I am an ugly, overpaid, whinging, unfunny loser!"

The Seinfeld Invasion

I read an interesting article last year in which Jerry Seinfeld discussed the 'hilarious' new episodes of Seinfeld. As the interview was in an Australian magazine, he made a passing comment that Australians might not be able to understand the humour of the show.
Which Australians can't understand your 'humour ' Jerry, excluding the population under five years of age?
However, I am an unfortunate minority.
While my friends chuckle to the mediocre jokes, I am forced to relegate myself to another room, as the sound of his voice gives me a headache. Australia is gripped with the Seinfeld bug, and I now accept that what was once an intelligent nation is now full of brain-dead twits. Twits who can't find a joke funny if they have to think about it for more than three seconds, or unless it is so much in their face that even Blind Freddy can see it coming.

I wish that was my fist under his chin

More Like Whinefeld

As I lay back and watch old video's of Monty Python, I often wonder where comedy went wrong. I ask you now to reflect on the progression of comedy. The early sitcoms of the fifties and sixties may seem old and tired to us now, but back then everything wasn't such a cliche. Comedy, particularly situation comedy, was still relatively fresh. Then came Monty Python, the single greatest comedy show ever, which to my mind was miles ahead of anything ever made or anything since. Here the pinnacle of television comedy was reached. Unfortunately things have gone downhill since then, as more and more crap sitcoms come out of America.

What's he doing to that microphone?

But Wait, There's More!

I'm not saying that Australia hasn't has it's fair share of crap sitcoms( I think we'd all like to forget 'Hey Dad!' and 'The Newlyweds'), but the amount of pure shit America is putting out is, quite frankly, disturbing.
'The Drew Carey show', 'Caroline in the city', 'Step by Step', 'SEINFELD' , 'Ellen'etc...etc..
Why do people constantly watch this rubbish? The same tired jokes come up over and over again. Predictability is a curse, and all these shows have it.

I have already recieved some criticism that I am being harsh on America. This isn't deliberate, it's just that all the shows I hate seem to come out of America.
However, America also has some extremely good comedies as well, such as the Simpsons and the Larry Sanders show.

Let's Hate Them Individually...

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