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Welcome to Spanky's Page For Social Rejects!

Are you smart, good looking and witty? Are you the only one that seems to think so? Then there's a good chance you are a SOCIAL REJECT. Being a social reject can be frustrating at times. Girls never pay attention to you, nobody thinks your jokes are funny, and for some reason an odd smell always permeates from your body.

It is a lonely life, with the only entertainment being masturbation and Warhammer. Many a reject has succumbed to the pressures of being disliked, but this page is here to reassure you that although nobody likes you, there are lots of people out there who are hated just as much as you.

Are you a social reject?
Ways of making social rejection more bearable
Links to things that might interest rejects
I hate Seinfeld, the biggest reject of all


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