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Introducing: The Most Unfunny Person Who Ever Lived.

'You mean people actually think I'm funny? Now that's funny!'

'He is completely committed to making a comic moment, up to and including killing himself'
-Jerry Seinfeld

Kramer killing himself?
Now that's something I would definitely watch!
Easily the most popular character on the show, Kramer is described by my friends as 'hilarious', and a 'bloody legend'. I tend to disagree with them on this point, as I can't find a damn thing funny about his 'wacky ways'.
I mean, how can people honestly laugh at him?

Sample Script No. 345
Kramer makes sudden entrance to Jerry's flat without knocking.
(Crowd laughs uproariously)
Kramer takes some of Jerry's food without asking.
(Crowd laughs uproariously)
Kramer scratches his head.
(Crowd laughs uproariously)

Ohhh, now I see why he's so funny...

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